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SHOCKING: Illegal Immigrants Get Another Free Service…And Taxpayers Are Raging!
By Cheryl Chumley|December 2, 2016

Who knew being a border patrol agent in America offered such diversity of work?

Most people probably think border security jobs involve the likes of firearms training, peace negotiations, investigative techniques, technology schooling, interrogations strategies and other similar law enforcement-type activities.

But this?

“The new chief of the United States Border Patrol, Mark Morgan, told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that his agents were being used as ‘professional child care providers,'” the Daily Caller reported.


And for taxpayers, it’s a real mess. Think of all the dollars for training, manpower and equipment that’s being diverted from core border security activities into daycare. A new processing center, in fact, just opened in the Rio Grande sector, and the manpower it requires is proving a real drain on Border Patrol resources.


“Each one of those processing centers takes about 100 to 120 agents to man, dedicated basically 100 percent to processing and taking care of the family units and UACs [unaccompanied alien children],” Morgan said, the Conservative Tribune reported.

It’s not like border agents are happy about the duties. As one told Morgan during a recent conversation:

“Chief, we’re going to do whatever this country asks us to do, but I never thought in my 20 years that I would be, as part of the procurement, ordering baby powder and baby wipes.”

Thanks, President Obama. No doubt a border patrol that’s changed into a babysitting service will go down as one of your most notable legacies – next to opening the border doors to the youth requiring babysitting, that is.

Source: Conservative Tribune, The Daily Caller

Cheryl Chumley
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