KABOOM: Illegals Devastated By Trump’s Surprise STRIKE…Liberals Are Going INSANE!

While democrats continue to drag their heels over Trump’s cabinet picks and complain over his executive order travel ban, work is quickly going on around the country to fulfill his promises.

In a few years we will have a border wall across Mexico. ISIS will be wiped from the planet. The U.S. economy and manufacture will be so great, every nation in the world will want to buy from us.

Not to mention our airports, roads, and bridges will be top notch.

Democrats are wasting whatever goodwill or influence they have left fighting every step Trump takes. But he keeps taking them, moving steadily forward in accomplishing what he set out to do.

So while the left whines over the latest Trump tweet, the rest of the country is getting to work.

From IJR:

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Trump “pressed ahead with his immigration crackdown” this week, “launching deportation raids across the U.S…”

The Daily Beast reported that Trump’s “deportation force” conducted an “enforcement surge” in multiple cities around the country:

Over the last five days, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents conducted what they call an “enforcement surge” in the Los Angeles area, arresting more than 160 undocumented immigrants.

Immigrants’ rights groups and lawyers told The Daily Beast that ICE also increased its enforcement activities—including, in some cases, in apartment buildings—in a number of cities around the country, including Atlanta, Phoenix, Charlotte, and Austin.

Liberals were so distracted by their “Muslim ban” that they forget about their precious illegal aliens!

Thanks to strong support from the president, ICE and Homeland has been breaking up dangerous centers for illegal immigrants, including havens for violent drug runners and criminals.

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The left can’t really stop this; these people are clearly illegal aliens. They have no rights to stay in this country. ICE and Homeland should have been arresting and deporting them all along, except Obama violated our law to keep them safe.

Those days are over. ICE, DHS, and the rest of our law enforcement agencies will finally be allowed to once again crack down on the rampant abuse of our borders. Illegal aliens, criminals, rapists, murders, and drug cartels have been put on notice.

They will be brought to justice and removed from our country.

Source: IJR

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