Breaking News: Immigration Official Is Humiliated…You Won’t Believe Who Unloaded On Her[Watch]

America is lucky to have someone in the fight against illegal immigration, who demonstrates why the problem is so pervasive and even seemingly unsolvable at times when many of those claiming to be trying to contain it are actually facilitating it.

That is what some US immigration officials are doing by arguing that illegals should be given special privilege and fast-tracked into citizenship instead of being deported which is what really should happen!

The cost of absorbing so many illegal immigrants, about twelve million so far, is mounting into the hundreds of billions of dollars every year as we import poverty, disease and drug trafficking, not to mention a possible terrorist threat from Islamic radicals posing as Hispanic immigrants.

In the Youtube video we see Trey Gowdy hammering a pro-illegal immigration official with the truth:

The big question is how we make the liberals understand that America simply cannot afford to pay for ALL of the world’s poor and indigent. Our pockets just aren’t that deep!

It is also completely unfair to the millions of Hispanic immigrants who obeyed the law, took the correct route and have waited to get their citizenship legally.

Plus the cost in property and lives for Americans who have been, or will be, victimized by criminals illegally crossing the border to find more lucrative areas to practice their vices is inestimable.

America needs it’s southern border shut down completely until ICE can get a handle on the problem!

Source: Yes I’m Right




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