New Immigration Poll STUNS America…Hillary “Open Borders” Clinton Ain’t Gonna Like It!

The media and the Democrats insist that Donald Trump’s policies on immigration and refugees are popular with only a tiny minority of “deplorable” Americans. However, they’ll have a harder time making this point after today’s news.

Highly respected veteran pollster and Democratic political strategist Pat Caddell says that this liberal talking point simply doesn’t reflect the facts on the ground:

“In particular, I’m fascinated with this refugee question. We’re seeing great opposition even among large numbers of Democrats and Hillary voters against the refugee expansion, which the mainstream media basically doesn’t cover.”

“It didn’t get a lot of play, or at least coherent play, in the debate,” continued Caddell. “That’s about sixty percent” opposed to the expansion of the program.

Caddell’s remarks are based on a new Breitbart News/Gravis poll, but this survey is just the latest evidence of something that many Americans have known all along, even if they’ve realized it by talking with relatives and friends:

Even many Democrats are unenthusiastic about voting for Hillary Clinton, and her free-for-all stance on immigration is one reason why.

Source: Breitbart

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