WHOA: Indiana Reporter Tries To SHAME Trump…Ends Up HUMILIATING Liberal Party!

Leave it to the liberal media to turn a good story into a bad one.

We’ve seen throughout the election how the mainstream media has tried to distort Donald Trump’s record and character. They’ve ignored his successful businesses, strong leadership, and impressive family, to focus on perceived flaws or irrelevant issues from the past.

They were so grossly biased that they didn’t even realize how much support he had from the American people. When he won on Election Night, even conservative stations were speechless.

Now that he’s already at work trying to fix this country, they are looking for reasons to complain. This is especially true of recent victory at Carrier.

From HuffPo:

When President-elect Donald Trump visited a Carrier Corp. factory in Indianapolis on Thursday that won’t be closing following his intervention, a journalist who had deeply investigated the company’s plans to move jobs to Mexico wasn’t permitted inside…

Rafael Sanchez, the chief investigator at ABC affiliate RTV6 in Indianapolis, told The Huffington Post that he applied for credentials through Trump’s site and received an email Thursday morning that his request had been denied. Sanchez said he was surprised because he’d covered Trump’s rallies in the state and the Republican convention in Cleveland.

When Sanchez approached the Trump team, he said he was told to contact Carrier, who, as of Thursday evening, had not responded to his request. A Pence spokesman told Sanchez’s station that the Trump-Pence team hadn’t denied his access, which suggests someone at Carrier did.

With the press’s spectacular failure during the election, they are now trying to find new ways to attack Trump. While there are many reasons why this one journalist wasn’t admitted (not enough time to approve him, too many reporters already there, improper handling of paperwork, etc), it is in the right of a company or group to deny access.

The media is already trying to make Trump look hostile to the free press by suggesting he’s limiting journalist’s access to his team. This even though Obama regularly denied press access during his administration.

Why are they even bringing this issue up? Are they trying to make Carrier look bad? Are they trying to make Trump look bad (even though the story makes it clear it wasn’t Trump’s team who denied Sanchez)?

It smacks of sour grapes on the part of HuffPo. This reporter didn’t get access, so they make a big stink of it. This happens all the time; it’s not a big deal.

But in the pathetic world of HuffPo, any excuse to attack Trump is a good one.

Source: HuffPo

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