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BREAKING: Insider Bombshell Explodes, Reveals Why Hillary Demanded A Recount…It’s PATHETIC!
By Cheryl Chumley|December 2, 2016

Score card, get your score card – that’s the feeling that’s creeping into the recount process, given this latest news about the players involved.

First, we learn the Wisconsin recount effort was headed by Green Party-losing presidential go-nowhere candidate Jill Stein.

Then, news crept in that the recount effort was tied to George Soros, by way of some of the players involved and the money that funded it.

Shortly after, we found out Hillary Clinton had jumped on board – but not really. The messaging from her camp was that Clinton was supporting Stein, but not actively involved. And then there were reports that suggested well, Clinton was actually more actively involved than originally reported.


Now there’s this, courtesy of the Conservative Tribune.

“Edward Klein, former editor of the New York Times magazine and the author of several books about Hillary Clinton … said he believed Clinton called for the recount for two reasons: First, her spirits were low and second (and much more importantly) President Barack Obama told her to,” the news blog wrote.


So now wait a minute – Obama’s involved, too?

Klein recounted in a piece for Townhall how Clinton’s friends said she was so depressed and down in the dumps over her loss that she was turning to the wine bottle for solace.

“According to Klein’s reported source, Obama’s intervention was an attempt to restore morale on a national level,” Conservative Tribune reported. “The Democrat party (if you haven’t noticed) has been bouncing between disillusioned and stupefied. The recount movement was envisioned as a rallying cry for routed troops.”

Wow. Most Americans, when they lose at something, go out for an ice cream, go for a run, take in a movie, do some shopping. Clinton? According to Klein’s reporting, she forces the spending of millions of dollars for untold manhours of recounting – an effort that’s not going to change anything in the end, anyway.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Cheryl Chumley
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