Is Paul Ryan Redeeming Himself? This Anti-Establishment Move May PROVE So!

Mildly stated, not every conservative has been thrilled to see Paul Ryan front and center since Trump’s win.

Many consider the Speaker of the House a traitor for refusing to support Trump’s campaign and as an opportunist for being so gung-ho for Trump now that he’s president.

However, there could be reason for cautious optimism about Ryan, as The Political Insider reports:

There was a worry that congressional Republicans were going to bring back the dreaded “earmark.” Earmarks were a way for members of Congress to pay for favored pet projects directly with taxpayers dollars. It was outlawed in 2010, but many feared it would be making a return.

Here’s what Speaker Ryan had to say about it.

#BREAKING Ryan unilaterally halts plan to restore earmarks just before it was about to pass in closed conference
— Chad Pergram (@ChadPergram) November 16, 2016

Of course, it’s important to keep holding Ryan’s feet to the fire, along with all the other establishment Republicans who are still in power.

Trump has vowed to “drain the swamp” but many of these individuals will be hard to flush out. All of them, from Ryan down, need to be observed constantly.

The election is over, but Americans still have a duty to call and write to these officials if they deviate from Trump’s policy plans.

Credit: Political Insider

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