LAWFUL INSURRECTION: “To Hell With DC – We’re Taking Back Our Country”…Is a REVOLUTION Brewing?

We are living in interesting times. After decades of the American people welcoming the rise of Big Government, we are finally seeing a change in the tide.

More and more citizens are growing tired of Federal agencies, backed by Washington D.C., interfering with their lives. This interference has extended even to the violation of their personal liberties.

Now local leadership is joining the movement. Sheriff Richard Mack, former sheriff out of Arizona, is mounting a campaign that is encouraging local law enforcement to take back their territories from Federal interference.

As Joe For America reports:

[Mack] believes that sheriffs can lead the fight to rescue America from the ‘cesspool of corruption’ that Washington, D.C. has become by refusing to enforce federal and state laws that they deem unconstitutional, such as road closures by the Bureau of Land Management and certain gun control regulations.

According to Mack, sheriffs have the power to nullify federal authority by preventing unconstitutional laws from being enforced. It is a form of civil disobedience that has risen because of persecution and lawlessness that comes from our own government.

This comes just after the capture of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by protesters over the abuse of Federal power in their land. As the power players in Washington continue to overreach, acts of defiance like the ones we saw in Oregon will become more common. The stand that Sheriff Mack and others are taking could be a sound solution that will prevent violence or loss of life.

Take this story about Sheriff Rick Eldredge and his men:

Eldredge and his deputies were braced for a mass act of motorized civil disobedience. Frustrated by ‘unconscionable acts by the Bureau of Land Management’… they were there to defy federal regulations to protest what they consider the BLM’s heavy-handed management of the public lands that comprise so much of their county.

In a country “By the people and for the people,” the preservation of our land is paramount. If the government can march in and deny locals the right to use and operate on their own soil, where does it end? We are constantly faced with an erosion of our personal rights. Could we see the day that the Bill of Rights is totally ignored by Washington?

Not if our local sheriffs have anything to say about it. We’ve said this before at the Patriot Journal, this election will determine a lot about our country. The next President will either help the cause of the American people, or doom us to another decade of internal fighting and decline.

Source: Joe For America

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