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Is the Mainstream Media LOADED With Fake News?
By Kay Johnson|May 26, 2017

For anyone paying attention, it’s become apparent that the mainstream media and the DNC are two sides of the same coin. Whatever “story” the media decides to pursue (no matter how insane it is) becomes part of the DNC’s platform almost immediately.

Forget Russia. There needs to be an investigation into how the mainstream media tried to influence the election. And while we’re at it, there should be an investigation into the “collusion” between the mainstream media and the Democratic Party.

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Because of this blatant corruption, the trust Americans once had in the media to accurately report the news is all but gone.

News watchers across the nation are beginning to tune out left-wing media outlets like CNN for failing to tell the truth, and a recent poll shows just how dramatic the numbers are.

From The Hill:

According to data from the latest Harvard-Harris poll, which was provided exclusively to The Hill, 65 percent of voters believe there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media.

That number includes 80 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of independents and 53 percent of Democrats. Eighty-four percent of voters said it is hard to know what news to believe online.

The only thing surprising about these statistics is the fact that 35% of people still trust the media.

When CNN made the decision to cover that downed Malaysian airplane 24/7 for days on end, it became obvious to anyone, no matter their political persuasion, that they had given up being a “serious” news organization.

When they’re not attempting to brainwash the masses with their liberal agenda, they’re attempting to distract us with either exaggerated or fake news.

Because of this, many Americans are turning to alternative media outlets like the internet to get fair and balanced reporting.

Do you still trust the media? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Hill

Kay Johnson
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