ISIS Releases New Tool To Train Terrorists…And It’s For Their Kids!

We think of Islamic extremists as backward, and of course in many respects, they are. However, while these terrorists rail against the modern world, they are using 21st century technology to deadly effect.

In a sick, scary story that sounds almost too bizarre to be true, the Islamic State is using what amounts to a toy to brainwash innocent, impressionable children around the world.

The UK Telegraph reports:

An Isil smartphone app designed to indoctrinate young children as jihadists allows them to play games carrying out 9/11-style attacks on Western landmarks including Big Ben.

The computer app which also teaches youngsters to spell words like grenade and rocket is part of a wider attempt to pass the extremist ideology on to the next generation, the spokesman for the international coalition fighting the militants said.

The app which was released earlier this year has been recently updated to include games to destroy targets including the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower, he said.

This is however simply a high tech version of the indoctrination Muslim children all over the world already undergo.

Palestinian children’s shows feature puppets that utter slurs against Jews, for example. And in mosques around the world, including in the US, it is not unheard of to discover books and other materials that espouse anti-Western propaganda.

Source: Telegraph

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