HORNET’S NEST: Islamic Prayer Offered To Allah…In US House Of Representatives

In the US House of Representatives, the session is opened daily with a prayer. There is a House Chaplain, whom typically delivers this opening prayer. There are times when a guest is invited into the House to deliver the prayer.

In this case the prayer was delivered by the Imam for the Islamic Center of Central Jersey Hamad Chebli, invited by Democrat Rep. Rush Holt.

Yes the session was opened with an Islamic prayer to Allah.

It’s an interesting choice by Rep. Holt considering that the US is currently involved in a War on Terror, where the enemy we’re fighting fight in the name of and pray to Allah. The Boston Marathon was bombed by terrorists, who were also acting in the name of Allah. Let’s also not forget the largest terrorist attack on American soil was planned and executed by people who fought, and martyred themselves in the name of Allah.

That’s not to say that we are at war with the religion of Islam, we just so happen to be battling in a lot of places, on a lot of fronts, against an enemy with Islam in common.

Allowing Allah to be praised on the House floor, while our Representatives bow their heads seems like a misguided invitation given the state of the Nation, if not the world.

We’re not ones to say that the House prayers often mean much in the multicultural, strip all public religion of meaning, environment. But this departure from the usual bland “universal deity” type prayers caught our attention.

What do you think?

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