SHOCKING VIOLENCE: Islamic State Killing Spree…Almost 200 Dead…Find Out Where

As world leaders argues and do nothing about Islamic terrorism, the terrorist group known as ISIS continues to wreak havoc on innocent civilians.  Recently, they kidnapped 300 workers from Al Badia Cement, a company that operates out of Damascus.

Now news has been confirmed that over 175 of those hostages have been murdered.

According to the Express:

“ISLAMIC State militants have murdered more than half of the 300 hostages taken hostage at a cement factory outside the Syrian capital earlier this week.

 Syrian military sources confirmed the deaths of workers and contractors for Al Badia Cement company, who were taken from near the town of Dumeir, northeast of Damascu.

The fate of the remaining hostages is not known.

Fierce fighting broke out around Dumeir, 30 miles northeast of the capital, late on Tuesday night after ISIS militants launched attacks on government areas northeast of the capital.”

No clear word yet on why ISIS targetted this company, outside of their continued effort to spread fear and panic across the world.  The deaths were confirmed by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Why can’t the global community band together and confront ISIS once and for all?  How many more lives will be lost as European officials, the UN, and our President, fold their hands and do nothing?  Now is not the time for rhetoric, now is the time to take action.

ISIS and every last Islamic extremist must be brought to justice.  Or do we need more stories like this to hit the Internet?

Source: Express

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