CNN’s Jake Tapper DESTROYS Tim Kaine…On This MASSIVE Clinton Lie!

Over the weekend whistleblower website, Wikileaks, released thousands of new emails from the Hillary Clinton campaign. As journalists go over the many dirty details, we are beginning to learn the truly dark plans she has for America.

The biggest one so far were her private talks about American immigration and trade. While she espouses that she is for American workers and protecting our rights and jobs, emails have emerged that reveal she has different plans in mind.

In talks with foreign interests she proclaimed her support for open borders, a policy that would allow anyone, from anywhere to enter our country. Such a radical and disastrous plan would spell the end for national security, the economy, and any job growth for America.

We’ve also learned that Hillary puts into practice different opinions, based on whom she’s talking to. A public and private stance is what she embraces. Basically, she says one thing to the cameras, but another to the people behind closed doors.

What was that called again? Oh yeah, LYING.

Not even her crony Kaine can answer for all this. From Louder with Crowder:

Tapper: Is this document accurate? Did [Hillary] tell Brazilian bankers that she “had a dream of open borders?”

Kaine: I have no way of knowing that.

Tapper: Well, you could ask her.

Hot damn. After five seconds of dead silence, you could almost hear Tim “Creepy Uncle” Kaine thinking, “Jake, I was to believe we were going to talk about how much Donald Trump sucks?”

But hey, this is what the left does. They only speak the truth in private because what they really want to do is toxic politically. They even admit to as much…in private

Now keep in mind this is Hillary’s running mate. This is the man that is supposed to be working the closest with Clinton. If he can’t vouch, or even know, what she is planning, how will the rest of us?

The paints a pretty dark picture for the future of our country, to say the least.

Source: Louder with Crowder

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