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James Comey SHOCK Admission…’If Hillary Had Been In The FBI And Done This…’
By Cheryl Chumley|September 29, 2016

Just in case you’re thinking politicians and wealthy elitists like Hillary Clinton are treated to a different code of justice – a more lenient one – than the rest in America – well, you’re right.

And that’s not just partisan opinion.

Even Federal Bureau of Investigations director James Comey said pretty much the same, during testimony to the House Committee on the Judiciary just this week.

As the Independent Journal Review reported, Comey said that if someone who worked at the FBI treated their email in the same fashion as Clinton, they would be “in big trouble.” And Rep. Steve Chabot, Republican from Ohio, followed up with a simple question: Talk more about this “double standard,” he said, IJR reported.

Chabot went on, according to the news outlet: “It just seems to me here that there was clearly a double standard going on. Like for example, if anybody else had done this, like a soldier or a serviceman who did virtually the same thing, they would have been prosecuted – and were – but not Hillary Clinton and that’s a double standard and that’s not the way it’s supposed to work in America.”

And Comey didn’t exactly disagree – but he tried to squirrel out of it just the same.

His statement, at first trying to paint Chabot’s views as inaccurate because Clinton was not prosecuted, went like this, IJR reported: “I actually think that if I – if we were to recommend she be prosecuted, that would be a double standard because Mary and Joe at the FBI or some other place, if they did this, would not be prosecuted.”

But then Comey added this, an admission of sorts.

While denying the fictitious Mary and Joe would be prosecuted, he nevertheless said: “They’d be disciplined. They’d be in big trouble in the FBI if you did this.”

Source: Independent Journal Review

Cheryl Chumley
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