Boom! Jill Stein’s $3.9 Million Bombshell…She Is Humiliated!

Asked who the biggest loser of 2016 was, many would automatically reply, “Hillary Clinton.”

However, while it seems incredible, another presidential wannabe is actually a better choice for the “winner” of that dubious distinction.

First the Green Party’s Jill Stein entered the presidential race, which likely siphoned desperately needed votes away from legitimate contenders.

Then she did something even worse: She launched a distracting, expensive, $3.9 million to be exact, and ultimately doomed “recount” campaign and “election tampering” investigation after the fact.

As if determined to self-destruct completely, now Stein has made an incredible announcement that will leave even her most loyal fans disillusioned:

Jill Stein interviewed with Anderson Cooper [on CNN] over her recount scam this evening, where she admitted that there was no evidence at all of election tampering.

Stein raised millions from gullible donors to fund her bizarre quest, but there’s more bad news:

@DrJillStein tells @andersoncooper she does not expect money to be left over after recount efforts

— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360) November 29, 2016

Nope, not even a few dollars left to give to a worthy “progressive” charity. Once again, we see that “compassionate” liberals are really just self-serving scam artists.

Source: The Right Scoop

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