Joe Biden HUMILIATES Hillary Clinton…With Friends Like THIS! – DAMN

You’d think the Democrats would keep rambling bumbler Joe Biden under wraps at least until after the election. However, they actually seem to think he’s an asset to Hillary Clinton rather than a liability.

On CCN on Tuesday, Biden meandered on about the campaign, and actually criticized Hillary for not reaching out to middle class voters:

Biden said, “I think if there’s any one thing we haven’t communicated enough to the American people is they’re in trouble. They’re scared. We don’t speak to them enough. We don’t let them know how much we respect them. We do all things that benefit them, but we don’t speak to them.” (…)

“I know Hillary feels that, but every time she expresses emotion she gets clobbered, she gets clobbered. I know her. I know she cares.”

The vice president babbled on, but one remark stood out. Talking about Donald Trump’s appeal to voters, Biden “explained”:

“They think he speaks to them because they haven’t listened to what he’s saying.”

That’s the liberal mindset in one sentence: Ordinary people are so foolish, they stupidly support the ‘wrong’ people. They’re confused. That’s why they need us, the Democrats, to run their lives.

And Hillary Clinton wonders why she’s “not up 50 points”. Americans have had enough of this patronizing attitude.

Source: Breitbart

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