‘Traitor’ John McCain SURRENDERS…Even Trump Is Speechless!

Wait, what? Senator John McCain was one of the key players in the drama of the “dossier” that was designed to smear Donald Trump. BuzzFeed and CNN both promoted this dubious report, which alleged that Trump had taken in part in bizarre activities with Russian prostitutes; McCain’ name appeared in many of those stories, as a key participant in spreading the information around.

Now, however, McCain is trying to sound shocked and appalled that the potentially libelous story ever got out.

On Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” McCain said, about Trump’s condemnation of the matter:

“The president-elect has a point. This information, this damning information which, by the way, was provided to me, and I made no judgment on it, but handed it over to the FBI. But the fact that this un-validated, to say the least, document was leaked is somebody’s responsibility. (…)

“The very fact that it was leaked one is a commentary on this town, as you know, but second was totally wrong to have that out an un-validated document, which is damming out there among the American public without having any validation whatsoever. So it’s harmful to the president of the United States.”

This leaves some questions unanswered: Who handed the document to McCain, and why him?

Who has McCain been talking to between the day the story broke and his sudden change of heart?

Note that McCain not only manages to state the obvious as if it were earth shattering — of course “someone” is responsible — but also blames the leak on the general sordid atmosphere in Washington, DC.

It’s actually a clever way of getting in on Trump’s “drain the swamp” cause, now that the tides have clearly turned. However, knowing McCain’s deep seated dislike of Trump, this effort to ingratiate himself may be too little, too late.

Source: Breitbart

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