JUST IN: Hillary’s Health Record Lies EXPOSED! Even CNN Is Reporting THIS

Keeping presidential nominee and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s health a secret has been a main focus of Hillary’s campaign staff. Indeed, when seeing her in public, it’s hard to tell which of those surrounding her are secret service, campaign staff or her medical team since they all, very nearly, look the same.

In a statement by CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, on Wednesday he relayed the following observation concerning recent medical documents released:

“This is not a — this is certainly not a release of medical records by any means. This is very similar in some ways to what we got July of last year. There may be more coming, it’s a little bit unclear.”

Well what’s new? The fact that Hillary’s campaign is releasing little to no information says a lot more about her than they realize. Americans can come to their own conclusions about her non-transparency and see that this is exactly how she would conduct public business.

So secretive, in fact, that she would appear to be surrounded by a thick black cloud and nearly unapproachable by anyone without a few hundred thousand dollars to “donate” to her foundation!

Source: Breitbart

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