JUST IN: A BRILLIANT Plan To Impeach Hillary…BEFORE She’s President! – WHOA

Many Americans get news notifications all the time about impeaching Obama.  If only it were true! Many are getting skeptical of that ever happening.

Well, hope springs eternal, as they say and here is another chance to drop the hammer—not for Obama, but instead on our Progressivist candidate for president, Hillary Clinton.

And she is getting worried.

As it turns out, a person can be impeached to keep them from running for high office, according to the Constitution.

Quoting from the Conservative Tribune:

Writing for National Review on Sept. 6, Andrew C. McCarthy argued that impeachment was not just about removal from office but also about disqualification from future office.

The idea being that Hillary could be impeached and denied the right to even run for president or any other office based upon the abuses committed during her tenure as secretary of state:

“The Constitution does not say the impeached person must be a current officeholder,” McCarthy said. “The point of impeachment is to deny power to any person … whose high crimes and misdemeanors have demonstrated unfitness for a high public trust.”

McCarthy gave us a list of Hillary’s offenses:

Citing Clinton’s email scandal, her destruction of thousands of government records after Congress demanded to see them, her careless handling of classified documents, her repeated lies to Congress and the public, the shady doings of the Clinton Foundation and — summing it all up — “a legacy void of accomplishment but rich in the abuse of power,” McCarthy argued for impeachment as a judgment on Clinton’s record as secretary of state and as a means of keeping her out of office permanently.

The founders did not want anyone serving in a high office of the government who couldn’t be trusted and Hillary certainly has demonstrated that she shouldn’t be. At least not with state secrets! Americans are fed up with having to accept criminals as their national leaders. It’s time for Congress to step up and do what WE THE PEOPLE elected them to do.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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