REVEALED: Justice Dept Planned To Investigate Hillary…But Her MOLE Inside Shut It Down!

Do you ever read something and realize you knew it all along? This is one of those stories.

After 8 years in the White House, the Clintons had wrapped their tentacles around every instrument of power they could reach and infected it with their unique brand of corruption.  When Bill left in 2000, they used all their connections to make it big, and Hillary only helped with her role as New York Senator and eventually, under Obama, Secretary of State.

Americans know the details.  It all seems so obvious.  Why was she not investigated to make sure that the State Department she directed did not cross any lines with her international Clinton Foundation?

Now we know why – and Americans have good reason to make the connections the corrupt Democrats in power refused to make.

Breitbart reports:

It has been revealed that while federal investigators were probing Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State, the Obama Justice Department denied an FBI request to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

“The FBI went to Justice Department earlier this year asking for it to open a case into the foundation, but the public integrity unit declined,” CNN breaking news writer Daniella Diaz reported Wednesday.

This bombshell comes on the heels of an explosive revelation found in the release of nearly 300 pages of emails belonging to then-Secretary of State Clinton that shine a spotlight on the crony connections Clinton facilitated between the State Department and her family foundation.

Recent email exchanges have revealed the tip of this iceberg of corruption:

As Breitbart News reported, email exchanges, uncovered by government watchdog group Judicial Watch, as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, reveal Clinton aides conducted favors for Clinton Foundation personnel, while another email exchange saw senior Clinton staffers putting Clinton Foundation mega-donors in contact with top State Department officials.

You may hear it a lot, but this really is earth-shaking, campaign-roiling news.  That the current administration would shield the Clintons as they profited off their connections to the State Department is tantamount to the highest levels of corruption and, with the possible security breaches the could lead to espionage, treason.  Whether it was Obama himself or Loretta Lynch, his DOJ lackey, they should all be investigated, post haste.

Americans are hoping we found this just in time.  When the puzzle fits neatly together, it will be clear Hillary will only be qualified to take residence in one place: a jail cell.

Source: Breitbart

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