WHOA: Former Kaine Staffer STUNNED Over Debate! “What Has Hillary Done To…

This is a bombshell on the campaign trail, if ever there was one.

It’s bad enough for the Democrats that Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine lost the debate, according to nearly all pundits and media members. But now one of his staunchest supporters has turned his back on him?

This, from Breitbart: “Ex-Tim Kaine staffer turned strong Donald Trump supporter Christian Rickers told Breitbart News exclusively that former Indiana Gov. Mike Pence easily won.”

But that’s not all; the criticism of Kaine gets worse.

Rickers then went on to decry what he described as Kaine’s total downfall. And guess who he blamed?

“Kaine should have been himself,” Rickers said, in Breitbart. “I don’t know what the Clintons have done to him. I thought Pence won the debate. It made me very sad. I’ve never seen him like that.”

The reference was in part to Kaine’s near non-stop interruptions of Gov. Mike Pence.

And Rickers, who now runs Trumpocrats PAC – despite being a lifelong Democrat and never voting Republican – said he can’t believe the person Kaine’s become.

“Kaine is one of the finest public servants I have ever known and he’s a great guy,” Rickers said, prior to the debate.

But after?

His view was completely different.

“It’s not the Tim Kaine I know,” Rickers said, Breitbart reported. “I can’t believe it. Is that what we have been reduced to? Win at all cost and bring out the hatchet?”

Source: Breitbart

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