WHOA: Liberals Just Got Their Wish…In 2017 There Will Be NO MORE…

The Democrats love to complain about “Congressional gridlock” when things aren’t going their way.

They constantly scold conservative legislators for stalling or voting down left wing bills, even though they shamelessly do the same thing to block the will of Republican presidents and the people who elected them.

Well, on November 8, these complainers got their wish, but not in the way they hoped. There won’t be any “gridlock” in Washington, DC for a while now, since Americans have just elected a Republican president, House and Senate!

Rick Hansen from Political Wire writes:

“If, as it appears likely, we have a Republican President, Senate, House and Supreme Court, policy and law will shift sharply to the right. Putting aside what that would look like on the merits, it does give us something we have not had in our system of divided government: a chance for a single party to govern and be held responsible and accountable by the voters. Gone would be arguments about the other party obstructing.”

“It is a very different world than the gridlock we have seen.”

Be careful what you ask for, liberals!

The same Democrats insisting that it is Congress’s duty to accept a president’s every appointment will be choking on those words very soon, and conservatives won’t let them forget it.

Source: Political Wire

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