KARMA: Muslim Sues Trump For MILLIONS…But He Didn’t See THIS Coming!

You know you’re doing something right when feathers get ruffled. Sometimes taking a stand and speaking the truth will make you enemies. But it’s just part of the process of doing good in a world full of deceit and corruption.

Donald Trump has made no end of enemies while running for president. He could have stayed in the business world. He could have garnered more billions, enjoying time with his family and friends. Instead he put that all aside in order to help restore the strength of the United States.

That made him the target of the regressive left and many radical groups that aim to tear our nation apart. This is only because they are threatened by him, threatened that he can and will fix our corrupt system, bringing an end to decades of insider politics and the status quo.

But sometimes the people who attack him are simply out of their gourd. Their baseless and futile attacks are almost laughable, if the people themselves weren’t so dangerous.

From Mad World News:

Kamran Malik is a Muslim political leader who has dedicated every waking minute to pushing Britain towards Islamization. In fact, Malik is so adamant at filling the UK with enough Muslims to transform it into an Islamic state that he was arrested and sentenced to 6 months in prison in 2014 for illegally providing immigration advice and services to Muslim illegals.

The Daily Mail reports that in December 2015, Malik filed a lawsuit against Trump for allegedly defaming Muslims with his claim that neighborhoods in London are so radicalized that even the police fear for their lives in these “no-go zones.” Seeking over $12 million in what he calls damages, Malik claimed that Trump’s comments had the power to sully the trust and confidence that he and his fellow Muslims have supposedly built with the non-Muslim community. Unfortunately, the court didn’t see things his way.

It was a long shot: a radical Muslim from England trying to sue the Republican candidate for U.S. president. But Malik tried anyway, in a pathetic attempt to garner sympathy from the misguided idiots on the political left.

Judge Victoria McCloud, from London’s High Court, dismissed the lawsuit, “stating that Trump’s comments were not considered defamation just because ‘what was said by him caused real upset and a sense of injustice.'” She put this fool in his place, explaining to the grown man that he can’t sue someone just because he hurt his feelings.

Not only that, Malik was saddled with the costs of this pointless case, suggesting he even broke the law trying to file it.

Adding insult to injury, Malik was also ordered to pay over $44,000 in legal fees and was told that he has the right to appeal, although it’s fairly obvious that would do no good.

Breaking News reports that the judge said Malik made breaches of procedural and legal requirements in regards to a defamation case and that his lawsuit failed to qualify under the Equality Act, the Racial and Religious Hatred Act, and the European Convention on Human rights. She added that she would have denied permission to pursue the lawsuit against Trump even if it did qualify because she believed it had no reasonable chance of success.

Although this is a win for every lover of common sense, it shows the deteriorating climate within the U.K. Radical Muslims are gaining influence everyday. Their goal is to completely rewrite the national identity of England, destroying centuries of Christian history and influence, replacing it with radical Shariah law.

This is the same thing many Islamic activist groups aim to do in America. They want to flood our country with migrants who will not assimilate to our way of life, refusing embracing freedom of speech and religion. They want to manipulate Muslim citizens to abandon the virtues that make American wonderful, for the tyrannical mandates of Middle Eastern nations.

Should Hillary Clinton become president, we’ll be plunged headlong into those troubled waters.

That’s why Trump has taken such a strong stance against immigration from unstable, dangerous nations. That’s why he wants to curtail the massive influx of undocumented migrants. He wants to protect what’s left of the American way, before we go the way of the U.K.

Source: Mad World News

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