BREAKING – Key Hillary Ally BUSTED…Faces MASSIVE Scandal!

Anyone living in the Greater New York area knows what a nightmare it is getting in and out of Manhattan. Improving roads, bridges, and tunnels–a key point in GOP nominee Donald Trump’s plan for America–is an ongoing struggle for New York and New Jersey.

Repairing bridges is costly. Plus it requires that major arteries into the city are closed during repairs. It’s a big hassle no matter what you do.

A recent crisis involving the George Washington Bridge–a major entry from New Jersey into Manhattan–has been causing a dust up. Lane closures cause massive problems, frustrating thousands of citizens.

Rumors abound that the problem was motivated by political revenge, not ongoing repairs. Both New Jersey and New York leaders are fighting over the issue, blaming the other side for the problem.

Now it looks like the governor of New York is going all in.

From Politico:

Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie personally discussed how to handle the fallout from the George Washington Bridge lane closures, even agreeing to release a report covering up the incident, according to the admitted mastermind of the political revenge scheme.

Cuomo’s administration — referred to in testimony as “Albany” — told the top official at the bistate Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to “lay off” Christie following the incident, former Port official David Wildstein testified here in U.S. District Court.

It looks like Cuomo’s people–who at one time were trying to work with New Jersey–are now trying to throw Christie under the bus. They want to look like the good guys in the matter, after the crap has hit the fan.

Yet both governors are in the crosshairs during this crisis, for alleged behavior.

Cuomo, a Democrat, and Christie, a Republican, agreed that the agency would release a report washing over the incident, saying the lane closures were the result of a traffic study commissioned by officials on the New Jersey side of the agency and that there had been a “failure of communications,” Wildstein testified.

Testimony by Wildstein aims to make Cuomo, the democrat, out to be the good guy. But something tells me both sides will be facing repercussions, if not from the law, but from citizens.

What the fallout from the situation might be is too soon to tell. But knowing the people of New York and New Jersey as I do, I can tell you from experience: they won’t be supporting Christie or Cuomo anymore.

Source: Politico

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