WHOA: Khan’s True Identity EXPOSED…Even Donald Trump Is STUNNED!

We may never know why human secularists like the Democrats go to bat for radical Muslims. You’d think that politically-driven atheists who make it their careers to undermine Judeo-Christian values would detest Islam and everything it stands for.

It is, after all, religion that supports the subjugation of women and the slaughtering of non-Muslims including Jews, Christians and the liberals former pals: homosexuals.

Yet more and more we see the Democrats defending and supporting radical Muslims, people who wish to overthrow our way of life through “civilizational jihad” a process of destroying Western culture from the inside.

The most recent hypocritical act was the participation of Khizr Khan at the Democratic National Convention. Khan’s son should be remembered and respected as a hero who died serving our country. But he certainly fell far from the tree, as his father’s radical religious views are more in line with our enemies than with our own.

From Allen B. West:

We’ve already reported about Khan’s business assisting wealthy Muslims circumvent immigration laws with cash in order to acquire Green Cards. In fact he was so proud of that business, he immediately deleted the entire website after folks started digging a little bit into his background.

We’ve written here on many occasions about a document called the Explanatory Memorandum written by a Muslim Brotherhood leader and presented as evidence in the largest terror-funding case in the U.S. The Explanatory Memorandum lays out in great detail how the Muslim Brotherhood will bring about “civilizational jihad” in order to destroy the U.S. from within.

In addition the document included a list of 23 organizations they describe as “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.” Top of that list is ISNA – the Islamic Society of North America.

This society—one that wishes to overthrow our values, culture, and government—is holding its annual convention in Chicago.  According to the Chicago Times, one of their guest speakers will be none other than Khizr Khan.

It’s clear this man has a very dangerous agenda, one that—should it be fulfilled—would mean the end of freedom in the United States. He wants to motivate Muslims from all across America to participate in the eradication of the nation that welcomed them with open arms. To destroy our Constitution and replace it with radical Sharia law.

And the Democrats gave him a massive advantage by letting him speak at their convention. This essentially made him a celebrity and gave him greater clout in recruiting more Muslims to his cause.

Way to go, Democrats.  You continue your efforts to destroy our society.

Source: Allen B. West

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