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WHOA! KKK Picks Their Candidate…It’s Not Who You Think!
By PJ Editor|April 26, 2016

From their inception, the Democrat Party has been the party of slavery, of Jim Crow Laws, of poll taxes and every other horrible law that historically kept blacks down.

Today the Democrats use welfare and government power to keep African-Americans subjugated, poor, ill-educated and reliably voting for Democrats who continue to promises them crumbs instead of prosperity.

So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have donated thousands of dollars to THIS candidate or that she has their endorsement. Vocativ has the story…

A prominent Ku Klux Klan leader says that the group has raised thousands of dollars for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and that the Klan is officially endorsing the Democratic frontrunner for president—a claim the Clinton campaign vigorously denies.

Shortly after setting a giant cross on fire with dozens of other members of various white nationalist groups in Georgia on Saturday, Will Quigg, a Grand Dragon in a California branch of the KKK, sat down with Vocativ—which was there for a larger reporting trip about the modern state of the hate group—to talk about the 2016 election. According to Quigg, “For the KKK, Clinton is our choice.”

When is the African-American community going to realize they have been scammed by the Democrats for years?

Source: Vocativ


PJ Editor
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