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LA On The Verge Of MASSIVE Riots…Mayor’s SICK Demand Has MILLIONS Furious!
By Kay Johnson|June 2, 2017

California always seems to be making headlines, but never for anything good.

Politicians in the state are encouraging their constituents to protest the president, and are also refusing to abide by federal immigration laws. Not only are California officials trying to prevent ICE from doing their jobs, they are bending over backwards to give illegal immigrants free housing, and even free cars!

No wonder California is over $118 billion in debt.

But the primary concern for L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti isn’t getting his city’s finances in order.

For him, the greatest threat to Los Angeles is the potential for riots if the president continues to uphold immigration law. He said as much during a recent interview with the notoriously liberal NPR program Latino USA.

From The Daily Wire:

HINOJOSA: “As the Mayor of L.A., it has crossed your mind, like, ‘Oh my God. The next tinderbox might not be black-white relations, but might end up being immigrant-police-ICE confrontations?’  And then that could lead to an ugly, ugly chapter in L.A.’s life?”

GARCETTI: “Imagine a parent who’s dropping off their child. As we’ve seen, ICE officers, ICE agents take that parent away, and it’s videotaped. Imagine if that’s on the sidewalk and students start swarming, and they’re teenagers. It’s dangerous for those agents. It’s dangerous for our city.

So according to Mayor Garcetti’s logic, these “peaceful” and “law abiding” illegal immigrants will riot if the law is upheld? Does he even try to think before he speaks?

Garcetti is attempting to use fear to govern. If he chooses to not enforce immigration law because of the possibility of mob violence, then California is run by mob rule.

If these illegals decide to cause mayhem and destruction on our soil, then it qualifies as a foreign invasion that requires military intervention. Let’s see how much these illegal immigrants want to riot when the National Guard comes in.

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The only people that should be rioting are the few Republicans left in California. Their state is constantly putting them last in favor of illegal immigrants, and it’s only a matter of time before the dam breaks.

Source: The Daily Wire

Kay Johnson
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