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Last Night’s BIGGEST Loser…NOT Who You Think!
By PJ Editor|November 9, 2016

Mainstream media, for months, have been shoving “I’m With Her” down our throats.

Polls, from a variety of outlets, consistently showed Clinton ahead of Trump with a comfortable enough lead.

Celebrities, handcrafted by Hollywood moguls, many of whom have some investment in the broader media, have been supporting the Clinton/Kaine ticket, as a way to ensure you are, too.

Yesterday, America spoke, and boy did they do exactly the opposite of what the media expected, predicted and wanted. In fact, voters showed that the media was never even speaking to the right voters and what was driving them to vote how they did.

As CNN reports:

The American political-media establishment does not understand the depth of anger in its own country.

That is one of the most significant lessons of the 2016 presidential election, in which Donald Trump overcame the doubts of a majority of reporters, pollsters and political scientists who believed Hillary Clinton was headed for a decisive victory.

Instead, white rural voters turned out in numbers that few so-called political experts expected, delivering that decisive victory to Trump.

“It’s a debacle on the order of Dewey defeats Truman,” Larry Sabato, the University of Virginia political scientist, told CNNMoney, referring to the famously incorrect headline that followed the 1948 presidential election.

“The media are so, so far removed from their country,” said Alec MacGillis, the veteran political journalist who writes for ProPublica. “The gaps have gotten so large. The media are all in Washington, D.C., and New York now thanks to the decline of local and metro papers. And the gaps between how those cities and the rest of the country are doing have gotten so much larger in recent years.”

This new beginning is our opportunity not just to eradicate what’s happened in the past eight years, but also start anew in our way of thinking, hearing and believing.

Mainstream media is obviously out of touch and unaware of the truth. Keep that in mind as we go through these next four years and are told what a complete failure our president is. Seems to me, the failure is in the media to get it right, to report what is real and to be an informative servant to the public.

Source: CNN

PJ Editor
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