Holy Stupid, Batman! The Latest Anti-Trump Protest Is Just Bizarre [WATCH]

As president-elect, Donald Trump moves forward in the transition process and prepares to take over the reins from “Mr. Transparency” and the “Community Organizer in Chief,” Barack Obama, (I just call him the big ‘O’), anti-Trump protesters are taking lunacy to a whole new level.

It started out with safe spaces and crying rooms for the college snowflakes. Then moved on to standing on busy highways daring drivers to run them down, ( which has actually happened), and now, baring it all (or half of it anyway) to get more.. LOL … ‘exposure.’

Louder With Crowder’s, Katherine Timpfe, gives us a sneak peak:

I’m not surprised there was a topless anti-Trump rally. When leftists are super serious, they take their shirts off just because bewbs (see PETA Morons Protest Animal Cruelty By… Going Topless?! and HILARIOUS: ‘South Park’ Mocks National Anthem AND Topless Protests!). I’m just surprised it took so long for there to be a topless anti-Trump rally. Thankfully, Bartstool Sports was there

One thing is for certain, if there are any men around, they are absolutely lining up for a chance to get a feel of what these lady liberal loons are protesting.

We have to wonder if there will ever again be anything close to normalcy in America. This election seems to have brought out all the howlers from the defective mental institution known as “liberal society.”

Source: Louder With Crowder

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