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WHOA! Latest Chicago Shooting Leads To Shocking Twist…Funeral Turns Into A HORRIFYING…
By Kay Johnson|May 17, 2017

Obama once promised the black community that they would see “better days” under his presidency.

But those promises, like everything else Obama said, were lies. Poverty, lack of education, and violence have left the black community worse off now than before the Obama years.

Obama represented Illinois as a Senator, but his leadership, or lack thereof, turned the state’s largest city into a war zone. Gun-controlled Chicago is experiencing drastic increases in gang violence casualties.

The situation in Chicago has become so dire that even the President has considered getting involved, tweeting this in January:

After this latest incident in Chicago, the Feds may be sent in sooner than many of us thought.

From The New York Post:

Police say 10 people were shot in Chicago, and two of them have died, after suspected gang members opened fire on a group attending a memorial for another man killed earlier in the day.

Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says police believe the attack during the late afternoon Sunday in the Brighton Park neighborhood on the city’s Southwest side was gang retaliation for the fatal shooting of another member earlier in the day.

Liberals would have us believe that these out of control instances of gang violence are purely because of guns.

But what is their explanation for the homicide rate in El Paso, TX? The population there is 680,273. Many residents are minorities, and many are armed to the teeth. Yet the homicide rate is 3.1/100,000.

In liberal cities with strict gun control laws, the homicide rate is almost always higher than in conservative cities. Baltimore has a homicide rate of 33.8/100,000, despite their strict laws on gun ownership. The same is true for Cincinnati (20.2/100,000), Oakland (19.5/100,000), St. Louis (49.9/100,000), and Atlanta (20.5/100,000).

In their hearts, liberals have to know it’s the people and not the guns causing this carnage. Sadly, so long as the left continues to cling to ideas that don’t work, very little will change in the black community.

Source: The New York Post

Kay Johnson
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