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No one on either side has denied that this election has already been a roller coaster.  It looks like it will continue that way for the summer.

Americans continue to react to the daily breaking news coming out of both campaigns, from conventions to document dumps, from incendiary statements to the media making up incendiary statements.  After Hillary’s raucous convention and media complaints about Trump’s reaction to it, no one knew who would come out on top after the convention fallout.

Here is our first answer, from an NBC News/Survey Monkey poll:

Following the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump by 8 points — 50 percent to 42 percent — up from a single-point difference last week, according to the latest NBC News|SurveyMonkey poll.

Keep in mind that NBC News polls have consistently been among the most heavily favored towards Hillary, and even when most polling agencies showed a significant surge and lead for Trump post-convention, NBC failed to do so. Here’s a look at the four-way race:

Clinton also saw a bounce in a four-way general election match-up against Trump, Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Clinton now leads Trump by 4 points — 42 percent to 38 percent — in the four-way race. This is a lead-reversal from last week, when Trump was beating the Democratic nominee by 2 points. Support for Johnson (9 points) and Stein (4 points) remained virtually unchanged from last week.

Two observations: NBC’s poll was among registered voters, not likely, making their numbers more inaccurate (and easier to manipulate).  Second, Trump and Clinton are basically within the margin of error for the full race.

Final note: the media has done everything they could to paint Hillary’s convention as peaceful, while Trump’s comments on it to be highly invective.  Nothing could be further from the truth in either case, so the more time Americans take to get clarity on the situation, the clearer these numbers will become.  In any case, this poll must be balanced out with other post-convention polls that have been consistent with each other.  And it just proves what everyone’s been saying, including Trump: this is going to be one wild ride.

Source: NBC News

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