SHOCK POLL: The Latest Numbers Are In…Donald Trump Is THRILLED!

The poll deluge has begun, and it can be overwhelming at times.

Numbers are pouring in nationally, but there real meat and potatoes are the key swing states that will determine the electoral college victory for President.

The numbers can be overwhelming, but with under  60 days to go, they are indispensable to understanding what’s going on at the ground level.

HotAir offers some analysis along with the numbers:

A month ago, WSJ/NBC had Hillary up nine(!) in the four-way race in NC. If that held, it was curtains for Trump: Shifting 15 electoral votes from the red column back to blue would have made it possible for Hillary to lose Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and still win. As it is, he’s led in three of the last four polls in North Carolina; Hillary’s lead in the RCP average is down to a vanishing 0.3 points… (…)

[Trump] really has reached a new high. Maybe that’s mostly a function of partisanship solidifying as the race reaches the home stretch, with some Republicans who have been iffy on Trump leaning more strongly towards him now.

HotAir also notes that “Trump needs more of a lead among college-educated white voters there to catch up” with Hillary in North Carolina.

However, another poll that goes unmentioned here shows that three times more African-Americans told pollsters they were voting for Trump than they did for Mitt Romney. Maybe that is the “closer” Trump needs.

Credit: Hot Air

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