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The battle continues.  But if you’ve been listening to the mainstream media, you would think the battle is already over.

No, it has only just begun, and there’s a long ways to go.

The media’s naked disregard for telling the truth and presenting the facts plainly is sickening to most Americans, but it’s still tough to decipher what is going on out there.  We start to write off all the polls as useless when in fact there are some helpful metrics out there.  But which ones? The LA Times daily tracking poll of likely (not registered) voters has become one of the mainstays it seems we can trust for a clear picture of the race.

So the new numbers they released are going against the grain and stunning a lot of folks.  From the LA Times:

LA Times Poll 1

Donald is clearly making up ground against Hillary while she is falling quickly after a host of health concerns and renewed interest in the various scandals plaguing her campaign.  He is statistically tied and is mirroring new results from Zogby.  One of the internals, on voting intention, gives great insight into one of the most important dynamics of the race:


2008 and 2012 came down to a lack of Republican turnout because of decreased energy in the base.  After the media barrage against Trump, his support waned significantly, but now that the media hype has subsided and he has focused again on the issues, support is quickly recovering.

Democrats are clearly loyal, if nothing else, but they have the constant support of the media to lift their spirits.  If Donald Trump is going to win in November, it is because his base maintained their hope that he will be far better than anything Hillary can muster for America.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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