BREAKING: The Latest Recount Numbers Are In…One Candidate Is GAINING In Wisconsin!

Losers always demand a recount. These efforts often upset the initial election results, but they can also be an expensive and distracting waste of time.

Not surprisingly, calls for a recount began right after it became obvious that Donald Trump had soundly defeated Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College. The recount campaign was led by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, which cost millions of dollars in donations.

She may have second thoughts about it when she hears the latest news:

At the end of fourth day of the Wisconsin recount, Trump inched further ahead in gaining 39 votes on Hillary Clinton, according to

As reported by Western Journalism, approximately 22,000 votes separate Clinton and winner Trump.

The recount in Wisconsin is costing the state’s taxpayers $3.5 million, reports.

Former Democratic National Committee chairman and former governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell called Stein’s recount in his state, Wisconsin and Michigan a “waste of time.”

What a mess.

Sure enough, Stein has dropped her recount suit in Pennsylvania.

The question is: What will happen to the $6.5 million in donations she raised to fund this effort?

Source: Western Journalism

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