Lawyer Steals $500 Million From Social Security, Flees Country—FBI Delivers Justice

Elites and freeloaders are taking advantage of our complex welfare state, sucking American taxpayers dry.

People take advantage of programs meant to help those in need. Recently we discussed several cases where storeowners exploited food stamps. They stole millions.

But that was small potatoes. We have learned about a decades-long scheme where a man stole over $500 million dollars from Social Security. He was about to face justice, when he disappeared!

Not it looks like he turned up in the most unlikely of places. And we got him for good.

From Fox News:

A prominent Kentucky disability attorney at the center of a more than $500 million Social Security fraud case, who became the subject of a massive manhunt after he vanished months ago, has been captured in Honduras, officials announced Monday.

Eric Conn was captured by a SWAT team as he came out of a restaurant in the coastal city of La Ceiba, the Honduras public magistrate’s office said in a news release . The office added that the arrest was “the product of arduous intelligence, surveillance and tailing by the agents.”

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U.S. federal agents spent months tracking Conn, who cut off his electronic monitor in June. The attorney was on home detention while awaiting sentencing, but he disappeared while in Lexington, Kentucky, at the permission of federal authorities to meet with his attorney and prosecutors…

Conn pleaded guilty in March to stealing from the federal government and bribing a judge in the massive Social Security fraud case. His sentencing went on without him last summer, when he was given a 12-year prison term — the maximum possible…

His empire crumbled when investigators discovered he had been bribing a doctor and judge to approve disability claims based on fake medical evidence.

I guess this is proves those ankle bracelets aren’t effective. If you want to hold onto someone, you should lock up him. Especially if that someone was found guilty of stealing half a billion dollars!

A suspect like that is pretty important. Ankle bracelets won’t do. Shackles? Yeah, that would have held him.

Clearly Conn had squirreled away some of that money. His planned to live out his days in luxury. But I guess the remote land of Honduras just wasn’t remote enough.

It’s really shocking to think he tried to get away. Did Conn not expect the FBI would work with Honduras? Perhaps he should have fled to a country that doesn’t play nice with the U.S. Like North Korea or Russia. Hey, he could have shacked up with Edward Snowden!

Regardless, it looks like he is going to face the music.

Source: Fox News

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