Leaked: New FBI Evidence Explodes On Comey, Clinton—Democrats Jumping Ship

Hillary Clinton’s never-ending scandal has rubbed many folks the wrong way.

Add in the fact that the investigation into any potential wrongdoing seemed to be treated as if it was a minor traffic violation, and many folks still can’t get rid of the bad taste that has been left behind.   

After Clinton blew the election, the furor died down to a dull roar. For many, victory was achieved as long as Clinton didn’t set foot in the White House as anything other than a visitor.

While that’s one way of looking at it, the fact remains that we still don’t know everything that happened.

Why was Clinton seemingly given a pass for something that would’ve surely resulted in ruin for someone that was less prominent?

Why did it seem like the investigation was conducted by Keystone Cops?

What about that tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch?

Why did Clinton ultimately receive nothing more than a ‘tsk tsk?’

No simple answers have been offered up for those questions, but a pretty mind-boggling revelation has come to light that places the ‘investigation’ in further perspective.

The Daily Wire shares the details on that.

According to transcripts released by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, former FBI Director James Comey decided to issue a statement exonerating then-presidential contender Hillary Clinton weeks before the FBI had officially concluded its investigation into whether Clinton had mishandled classified information during her time at the State Department.

Committee members, including Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, allege that Comey drafted his statement claiming Clinton would not face charges sometime in “April or May” of 2016, before the FBI was scheduled to interview several key witnesses who might have changed the outcome of the case.

Hmmm. So what about that bumbling press conference that Comey stumbled through in July of last year?

He assured the American people that his crack team had just wrapped things up before he sauntered on stage.

Why would he feel the need to draft a statement before the investigation was even wrapped up?

“According to the unredacted portions of the transcripts, it appears that in April or early May of 2016, Mr. Comey had already decided he would issue a statement exonerating Secretary Clinton. That was long before FBI agents finished their work. Mr. Comey even circulated an early draft statement to select members of senior FBI leadership. The outcome of an investigation should not be prejudged while FBI agents are still hard at work trying to gather the facts,” the letter reads (emphasis mine).

The letter goes on to accuse Comey of trying to steer the investigation into his own pre-determined result: “Conclusion first, fact-gathering second — that’s no way to run an investigation. The FBI should be held to a higher standard than that, especially in a matter of such great public interest and controversy.”

That’s pretty mind-blowing to say the least. Many voters were already convinced the the so-called investigation wasn’t on the up and up, and these allegations will only intensify those feelings.

If it is true that Comey began drafting his statement in April or May, that means that he might have already been declaring Clinton free from blame, even though the FBI had yet to interview Clinton herself — and had yet to interview most of Clinton’s top aides, including her right-hand woman Huma Abedin, her close aide and confidante Cheryl Mills, and Bryan Pagliano, her top IT adviser and the man responsible for maintaining Clinton’s private email system and her bathroom server in Chappaqua.

Clinton aides met with FBI agents conducting the investigation May 5, 2016. Both Mills and Pagliano went on to strike immunity deals with the Department of Justice — bargains that would have been pointless if the FBI investigators had determined Clinton was truly without blame by early May.

Clinton herself did not speak to the FBI until July 2. Comey delivered his official statement, exonerating Clinton, on July 5.

Once again, we walk away with three words ringing out in our heads: Why?

These latest allegations make the whole situation even more off putting – if that’s even possible.

Why is it so hard to get a straight answer here? Will we ever know the truth?

We’ll keep our fingers crossed on both fronts, but we’re not holding our breath.
Source: The Daily Wire

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