LEAKED: Obama Sneaking Illegals Across Border…Americans are ENRAGED!

If you need to hear about the illegal immigrant crisis in American, look no further. In recent years, there has been a staggering amount of illegals coming from Central America, via the unsecured Mexican border.

The worst part? These were all unaccompanied minors, children, who were coming to America illegally, sometimes to be with parents already living here.

That’s a big problem. Not only are young children endangering themselves by taking this journey, but it is more undocumented people entering the country. You’d think the US government would take action. They should find safe and reasonable means to escort these children, along with their parents, back to their country of origin.

But we’re in Obama’s American, so let’s do the OPPOSITE.

From Breitbart:

More than 7,300 immigrant parents have applied to have the U.S. government bring their children to the U.S. from Central America via the Obama Administration’s Central American Minors Refugee/Parole Program (CAM), according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ annual Ombudsman report.

The CAM program allows immigrants who, in most cases, would not normally qualify for legal family reunification programs, to petition to have their children living in El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras to come to the U.S. as refugees or parolees.

Instead of deporting the illegal children and their families, Obama created a program to speed up their entry into America. He spent untold amounts of money to create yet another bloated government program, to encourage illegal immigration.

Obama has essentially created a loophole system to let in illegals. Anyone can file a claim to bring their kids over to America. So a “parent” can slip in through the border, then have the US government pay to bring over as many minors as they want.

While the Obama Administration has billed the CAM program as an effort to help mitigate the illegal flow of Central Americans to the U.S.-Mexico border critics say it is another example of the administration circumventing Congress and opening up another questionable immigration pathway.

No kidding. This, like every other unregulated government program, will be abused. Already they have over 8,000 potential minors coming in. That’s 8,000 immigrants coming over illegally, without proper documentation, who will grow up to become adults dependent on US handouts. How many millions will come through over the next few years?

Source: Breitbart

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