LGBT libs show up for Islamic convention, Muslims give them ‘something’ to really cry about

We may never know why liberals so passionately support Muslims.

Much of what modern leftists believe about society does not match the strict views of Islam. The religion itself preaches ideas completely incompatible with the West and Western liberalism.

A group of lefties discovered that the hard way, when they tried to attend a Muslim convention.

From Mad World News:

When 2017’s Islamic Society of North America convention was scheduled to take place in Chicago with Sharia advocate Linda Sarsour headlining as speaker, pro-LGBTQ group Muslims for Progressive Values… headed to the Democratic paradise. However, as soon as they arrived… they were removed from the event because their homosexual stance is vehemently rejected and brutally punished in Islam…

The American Spectator reports that the group, which includes Muslim queers and feminists along with their liberal supporters, was barred from conference seating after event coordinators discovered their pamphlets advocating LGBT and women’s equality in Islam.

The group was then forced to close up their information booth and members were escorted out by ISNA staff…

Parmir said that all MPV members were forced out by “a group of men in suits,” including ISNA Conventions, Conferences, and Special Projects Director Basharat Saleem, who told them that their values weren’t compatible with Islam.

Most religions have strict views when it comes to homosexuality. But unlike Christianity, which embrace gays in hopes of converting them, Muslims are completely intolerant.

Conservative Muslims consider homosexuality an abhorrent sin. In Muslim countries, the lifestyle is outlawed and gays can face imprisonment. That is of course, if they aren’t thrown off roofs before that.

On top of that, strict Islam advocates the persecution of non-Muslims and terrible treatment of women. Almost everything liberals believe in, from equal rights to tolerance for those that are different, is not only rejected by Islam, but aggressively attacked.

Yet still, empty headed liberals fight for them. While attacking people who openly question the religion.

We’ve reached a point where Western liberalism is on a course for suicide. They embrace and protect groups that are actively trying to destroy them.

Do you think they will ever learn? Probably not. Only when the rest of us do the hard work of keeping America safe from bigotry, closed-mindedness, terrorism, and Sharia law, will the left wake up.

Hopefully, it’s not too late.

Source: Mad World News

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