WOAH! Liberal Blasts Trump Supporter…But He Didn’t Expect This EPIC Response! [WATCH]

Despite the attempts by the liberal media to slander the Republican National Convention, the event went off with little issues. It was by all accounts a successful and widely watched convention. Americans by the millions tuned in to see Donald Trump accept the Republican nomination for president and to witness the stunning speeches by him and his supporters.

This went on while the left did their best to disrupt the convention. It’s shocking to see at what lengths the liberal media will go to attack conservative values. They sicced their how business cronies from on the convention. Numerous so-called comedians and entertainers stormed the stage, tried to disrupt panels, and generally made fools of themselves.

The worst was the unprofessional antics from reporters. They tried to spin the convention into anything other than what actually happened. They even went after Trump supporters, trying to bait them into arguments.

So much for professionalism. Just take this story from Conservative Tribune:

When a young and dumb CNN reporter covering events in Cleveland this week chose to ask an elderly black supporter of GOP nominee Donald Trump a race-baiting question about the candidate’s alleged racism, the supporter unleashed a rapid-fire torrent of truth.

“I’m sick of this race and divide!” the supporter exclaimed. “It’s always divide and conquer! It’s a scam! And I know it’s not going to get on CNN!”

The manipulative reporter wanted to get a clip for his channel, instead he got put in his place. Watch the full video below.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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