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Liberal CFO bully gets some well-deserved justice. Here’s the Chickfila aftermath…
By OEditor|July 29, 2017

In the midst of everyone trying to “call out” Chickfila for its contributions to Christian groups, 37 year old Adam Smith was hoping to go viral with this video he had been planning.

He had the brilliant idea to “get back” at Chickfila by going through the drive-through and getting a free cup of water.

No you aren’t wrong – that it. That was his master plan.

Oh yeah, and he was going to film himself berating the employee. Can’t forget that important part.

Now you might ask yourself, “Hmm…what could go wrong here?”

If you answered: everything — you are completely right.

Smith posted the video online before returning to his job at a company called Vante.

To give you a bit of context here, Adam Smith was making $200,000 a year as the CFO of Vante and had over $1 million in company stock options.

Not a bad setup. Not bad at all.

Well – as you all know – he got his wish and the video went viral.

As he returned back to work, the receptionist told him that:

“The voicemail is completely full, and it’s full of bomb threats.”

Yeah – that’s about the point he knew he had seriously screwed up.

He was fired from his position that day and lost his stock options. For Adam, it was over.

He moved to Portland with his family and got another CFO job immediately after the incident. But two weeks later, they found out who he was and was fired again.

He admitted that he has since been honest in interviews, but nobody wants to hire him because of the risk of fallout.

“I don’t regret the stand I took, but I regret… the way I talked to her”

I wonder if he actually regrets it, or if he regrets losing his job.

If you want to watch the video again or in case you missed it:

Here’s the kicker though… it has since been reported that his family is living on food stamps as a result of the event.

He even wrote a memoir about the whole event which sold 17 copies on Amazon and garnered 23 one-star reviews. He said hes still trying to figure that one out…

Do you think he deserved the backlash he received?

Source: USA Today

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