JUST IN! Liberal HuffPo Writer Investigates Hillary’s Health…What He Discovered Got Him…

Among the biased, disgraceful mainstream media outlets, perhaps the biggest offender (outside of CNN) is Huffington Post. Their bias goes beyond a simple political leaning. They purposefully go out of their way to discredit conservative leaders. Just look at the editor’s note at the bottom of any Donald Trump story and you’ll see how they lack any shred of journalistic integrity.

Their bias, of course, extends to their near-psychotic devotion to Democrat candidate for president: Hillary Clinton. Like all of the pathetic, media elite, they have decided to back this corrupt politician despite her long record of defrauding the American public. They aim to invalidate the will of the people and are doing anything in their power to propel her into the White House.

The most recent evidence of this gross violation of journalistic ethnics hits the website at its core. They are so corrupt, they will attack and discredit their own writers, just to protect their failing candidate.

From Breitbart:

The Huffington Post has locked out a contributor and deleted his articles from the site questioning the health of Hillary Clinton.

Blogger David Seaman wrote two separate articles for the site, entitled “Hillary’s Health Is Superb, Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens,” and “Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton To Health Records Duel.”

However, the articles were since pulled from the site, with Seaman claiming on his Twitter feed that HuffPo had failed to give him “reason nor notice.”

The writer then tried to access his HuffPo account, to find it deleted. He compared the website’s actions to China, who regularly and ruthlessly censors the press.

This is not the first time Huffington Post has deleted articles and banned accounts they deem harmful to their liberal agenda. It’s ironic, that a site that has been buoyed on the backs of unpaid contributors should take such a hypocritical stance.

You’d think they’d be welcoming more writers with various views to help strengthen the quality of their website. Instead they are taking a Stalin-like approach to their content, in the hopes that their milquetoast, spineless, liberal readership won’t be challenged by better ideas.

Seaman went on to talk about the fallout of this lockout, saying some very dark things about what might transpire next:

Seaman also specifically noted in the video that he is “not suicidal right now, I’m not a particularly clumsy person, I don’t own a car at the moment… so if I am to slip in the shower over the next couple of days or something silly like that, we have to really employ probability and statistics here. Because I’m not a clumsy person, and I’m also not a depressed person right now. I’m a person who’s spooked out, though.”

Is this the America we are living in now? Where a journalist can’t post his view without fear of being silenced—permanently??  Would HuffPo be so evil that they would try something nefarious to prevent the spread of Seaman’s story?

Considering they’re a part of Hillary’s camp, anything’s possible.

Source: Breitbart

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