Breaking: Former Liberal Now Supports Trump…This Sends The Left Into A Rage!

Every so often, an educated person associated with academia comes along that could be classified as an independent minded ‘thinker’ and not a liberal automoton that simply receives instructions from the propagandists in the mainstream media hive and goes out and follows orders like a good little liberal.

A person like that is refreshing to be around and listen to because they cannot be persuaded by rumors, inuendos or lies from people who’s whole modus operandi is about spreading rumors, inuendos and lies while calling it “News” and then insisting that no one has the right to question their veracity.

Catherine Chew is just such an educated woman who’s voted for candidates from both parties and her reasons for voting for Trump this time are very insightful.

From the Charlotte Observer:

I was a “closet” Donald Trump supporter and I’ve decided to come out. I am a professional woman, educated and hold a university terminal degree. I am a former community college president. I am not racist nor am I xenophobic. I have a multicultural son conceived with an Iranian Muslim former husband.

Since the tsunami election occurred, pundits, journalists and pollsters have obsessively given credence to the voting bloc of male, working-class individuals from rural areas as being the cause for Trump’s successful campaign. They have consistently showcased an elitist attitude about Trump supporters.

Many predicted that Trump’s campaign was doomed because it could not attract enough women or minorities. But reports suggest Trump captured about 42 percent of women voters, including white, college-educated, middle-class and wealthy suburban women.

Chew went on to explain that she had voted for Obama in 2008 being proud to elect the first African-American president but voted for Romney in 2012. Early on in the 2016 election campaign she never considered Trump a serious contender and leaned towards Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton but soon changed her mind when the FBI investigations and wikileaks revelations about Clinton became too overwhelming to ignore.

Soon, Trump’s message about national security and the economy began to convince her that he was what this country needs, at this particular time, to fix the broken system exacerbated by the Obama fiasco.

Chew concluded her summation by saying:

Lastly, I was attracted to a Trump presidency because I sincerely believed only someone as unorthodox and bold as he could take on the deeply infested establishment and extremely dysfunctional system that exists in the federal government. As a non-career politician and businessman, he thinks differently and his unconventional and nonconformist campaign proves it.

So she agrees that the federal swamp in Washington DC needs to be drained.

We are lucky to have such an intelligent and articulate woman as Catherine Chew who actually takes the time to learn what our leaders believe, say and do. This just proves how important truthful information is in our national elections.

Let’s hope everyone becomes as thoughtful and well informed as Ms. Chew.

Source: Breitbart

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