Liberal Teacher Houses Islamic Refugee…What Happens Next Will SICKEN You

The fight over welcoming Muslim refugees into Europe is heated and ongoing.  There are many who advocate an open door, liberal approach to the issue, claiming that kindness and generosity is the answer.

That may sound good on a greeting card, but it’s not the answer in the real world.

Take Mehdi Hushmand, a teacher from Celle Germany.  A 55-year-old migrant himself, Mehdi wanted to put his money where his mouth was and help the refugees.  After volunteering his time at a local center, he took an extra step by letting these people into his home.

Big mistake.

Mad World News reports:

He began bringing food, aid, and supplies to refugee centers, but he still felt he wasn’t doing enough. So, he made friends with the male refugees, even letting a few of them stay with him in his house.

Celle Heute reports that when Mehdi didn’t show up for work, one of his co-workers went to check on him. After searching the home in February, he discovered what looked like a trail of blood leading to the basement. It was there that the colleague found Mehdi butchered and lying dead in a pool of his own blood.” 

According to police a refugee, despite the warmth and kindness shown to him by Mehdi, decided to beat the man to death over a disagreement.  Using a rock and a large metal instrument, he bashed in the teacher’s head.  He then tried to drag the body in the basement to cover up his crime.

The story gets even worse when officials try to hide the fact the killer was a Muslim refugee.

Although the migrant suspect was arrested last Thursday, German police were hesitant to give out many details, including the man’s Afghan origin or his legal status. Throughout Europe, many officials have failed to report key statistics, hoping to protect Muslim migrants’ image and their own leftist agenda.

So they protect the guilty while the innocent suffer.  We don’t look down on Mehdi for wanting to help refugees.  He was trying to do what he believed was rightalbeit in a naive, dangerous way.

But his good intentions were rewarded with bloodshed.  Blame lies with the European officials who welcomed these dangerous people into their countries, open-armed, without doing anything to screen them.

The real tragedy is that stories like this will continue until the European Union starts acting intelligently.  They need to stem the tide of Middle Eastern refugees into their borders, or at the very least, set up stricter screening processes.

There are many people in need of a safe haven, but too many dangerous individuals are coming in as well.

The lesson to take away from all of this is: don’t let strangers into your home. Especially radicalized ones.

Source: Mad World News

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