Liberals Call Trump HITLER…He Just Proved Them Wrong FOR GOOD!

It’s so painful (and yet so enjoyable) watching historically illiterate “progressives” embarrass themselves by insisting the Donald Trump is “literally Hitler.”

Besides misusing the word “literally,” these idiotic assertion flies in the face of historical facts. To cite just one example, Trump’s daughter is a convert to Orthodox Judaism, which means that his grandchildren are Jewish.

Meanwhile, Adolph Hitler was obviously the most dangerous anti-Semite of modern times.

Then of course, there is Donald Trump’s longstanding support for the state of Israel, which he reiterated recently after the Jewish state was targeted by Obama, John Kerry and the UN.

Doug Giles writes:

Can somebody please show us the mounds of bodies that Trump has amassed to deserve such a comparison?


Or are the lives of those same victims so very cheap to Leftists that they’re willing to use Hitler’s victims as props to generate hate against a political rival?

Under a photo of Trump shaking hands with Benjamin Netanyahu, Giles quips:


“Looks like Trump flunked out of Nazi school.”

Giles adds that leftists who insist on using this insulting analogy have placed themselves outside the realm of reasonable debate. This is especially true when you realize that their hero, billionaire “progressive” George Soros, has literal ties to the real Nazis, due to his actions during the Second World War.

It’s hard to know whether or not the American left’s refusal to acknowledge the truth about Soros stems from ignorance or fear (either of litigation or of having the funding cut off from their pet projects like Black Lives Matter.)

But what’s clear is that the “Trump/Hitler” comparison simply isn’t working, except to signal the stupidity of the one using it.

Source: Clash Daily

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