Liberals’ Election SPIN OUT Is FUNNY…Best Reaction Yet Is THIS Tweet!

One of the highlights of Trump’s election win has been watching the left go into meltdown mode on social media.

As the results came in, the reaction got more and more hysterical.

For instance, one fellow described the mood at what was supposed to be a Democratic Party victory party “as if they’d just heard about a fire at a petting zoo.”

Allen B. West Editor-in-Chief Michele Hickford’s favorite post-election tweet was sent out by David Lee Orr, and it shows a photo of Hillary Clinton standing in between two Saudi shieks.

The caption? “We’re going to need a refund,” referring to the $25 million the Saudis donated to “charity,” aka the Clinton Foundation.

It was obviously a down payment for pay to play access to the next President Clinton. Oops.

Do you think the Saudis might maintain some of their generosity and pay Hillary’s bail when she is finally charged by Trump’s Justice Department? That seems unlikely, huh?

Credit: Allen West

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