SHOCK: Liberals Use Heart-Breaking Photo Against Trump…But It Actually HUMILIATES Obama!

President Trump’s temporary ban on refugees and immigrants from seven countries tied to terrorism is yet another major promise from his campaign that he has been quick to fulfill.

When he promised to work for the American people, he meant it. Unlike most Presidents who neglect their promises and accomplish very little of what they set out to do.

But this ban on immigrants has many bleeding-heart liberals up in arms (despite the fact that Obama did the same thing). They consider a temporary ban in order to improve vetting to protect America synonymous with letting millions of innocent people die.

They make Trump and his supporters out to be heartless villains—despite the fact that the crisis was caused by their liberal President, who bombed these countries 100’s of times during his presidency.

But yeah, Trump’s the heartless one.

Dishonest websites and politicians have even stooped to releasing an old photo of a young Syrian boy who died while trying to flee his country. But there are plenty of things they are not telling you.

From IJR:

Of those opposed, many are voicing their opposition visually with the use of a heartbreaking image of a Syrian boy who tragically lost his life when his refugee boat capsized while attempting to flee from Turkey to Greece…

While there is much debate to be had over Trump’s executive order, let’s establish some very important facts one should remember when using this specific photo to attack the President:

When this photo was taken, President Obama had been in office for nearly seven years…

During Obama’s tenure, his administration repeatedly failed to act decisively to bring the Syrian Civil War to a close…

The Obama administration has a horrendous track record of taking in Syrian refugees, just like Kurdi…

The Obama administration’s complete withdrawal from Iraq left a power vacuum which created ISIS, the very force which led Kurdi’s family to flee…

The liberal media is very good at twisting facts to defend their side of an argument. Yet they are ignoring the reality that the Syrian refugee crisis, the war, even ISIS itself, was the result of Obama’s leadership.

Where is all the liberal outrage over Obama’s failed policies? Why aren’t these bleeding hearts blaming Obama and his officials for letting the Middle East devolve into chaos? Why aren’t they holding Obama’s administration accountable for all the death, bloodshed, and terrorism that has swept across the planet?

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But no, President Trump is the villain for wanting to stop this tide of death from overcoming our nation. His sensible plan for improved vetting is the real problem; we should mindlessly let anyone into our country. Forget about the safety of the 330 million people living in the U.S. We shouldn’t bother checking if the many fleeing the Middle East are agents for ISIS or other terrorist groups.

This is why more and more Americans are fed up with the left and voted for Trump in the first place. Liberals lie to defend their positions. They flagrantly ignore the facts.

Then when real leaders try to set things right, they riot and complain.

Well, their day is over.

Source: IJR

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