Liberals Take War On Christmas To New, DANGEROUS Level…This Is Outrageous!

Every year Americans face increased attacks on our traditions and religious beliefs. Even though millions of Americans—the vast majority—possess a deeply held faith, liberals have gone to war and just raised the intensity of their assault further than we could have imagined.

We’ve had to put up with secular humanists who want us to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” We have to put up with materialistic push to buy, buy, buy during this season, instead of focusing on the simplicity of love and goodwill toward men.

They even want us to say X-mas, instead of Christmas.

But now it seems that isn’t enough for these atheist activists. Now they want to erase the existence of Christ completely.

From Breitbart:

Anti-Christmas grinches have upped the ante in the annual war on Christmas, moving beyond opposition to Nativity scenes and Wise Men to denying the very existence of Jesus.

A new article in Big Think claims that more and more, “historians and bloggers alike are questioning whether the actual man called Jesus existed.”

Trendy atheists like Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens also dabbled in the denial of the historical Jesus, with Dawkins asserting that it is possible “to mount a serious, though not widely supported, historical case that Jesus never lived at all, and Hitchens averring that Jesus’ existence is “highly questionable.”

Now why do you think these men attack Christmas so vehemently? Is it because they really hate Christmas carols and holly? Nope. It’s because it is a larger war to erase Christianity and in general, faith in God from our country.

Even though this nation was founded by religious men, who were moved—among other things—by their faith, modern humanists want American to be a wholly secular and atheistic nation.

Christmas is a large reminder that millions of Americans believe in a God and celebrate the birth of his son. That can’t be, so they go after the reality of his life. But their argument doesn’t really hold much water.

While holding that “the historical record itself is thin,” meaning that there are “no birth records, no trial transcripts, no death certificates,” Perry fails to note the very obvious fact that we actually have very little evidence for anyone in the ancient world, especially if the person wasn’t an emperor, general or aristocrat…

Or as Dr. James Kennedy, himself a Christian, has written: “The evidence is all on Christianity’s side. Let’s take a tally: twenty seven books of the New Testament, nineteen pagan writers, and three Jewish writers testify to Jesus Christ’s historical reality.”

But don’t let facts and evidence stop these atheists from attack the fundamentals of our faith and the most cherished holiday of the year. They will continue to try to find way to destroy Christmas, another step in evicting God from our culture and society.

Let’s not let them get away with it.

Source: Breitbart

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