Libs The Champions Of Feminism? They Prove Otherwise With THIS DESPICABLE Sign

When Jimmy Carter was elected, comedians and some conservative pundits made fun of Carter’s daughter and his extended family. Liberals quickly adopted a saying from the Mafia: “Leave wives and children alone.”

Time and again, we were scolded that a president’s family should be off limits for jokes and criticism. Outright threats were, of course, completely unacceptable.

Of course, “liberal” is an old Indian word meaning, “it’s different if WE do it.”

President Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet and all those compassionate “progressives” are refusing to play by their own rule book, as usual. Here’s one especially chilling example:

At a protest outside a Trump hotel in Washington, D.C., one protester took his sign-making skills to an entirely unacceptable level, The Gateway Pundit reported.

In a crowd of Clinton supporters, one man held a sign that said, “Rape Melania,” in reference to Trump’s wife, and absolutely no one in the crowd made any attempt to remove the horribly offensive sign. (…)

So much for the idea that Clinton and her supporters are the champions of American womanhood, a notion that Trump repeatedly debunked. Thanks for proving him right, libs.

There was a time when other progressives in the crowd, especially the female protesters, would have ripped such a sign out of that man’s hand. Those days are over.

Just when you thought the left couldn’t get any less principled, they hit a new low.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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