Lifelong Clinton Friend Drops Hillary BOMBSHELL…”Everyone Needs To Know That She’s A…”

It shocking to think that a family with a reputation as tarnished as the Clinton’s could hold any position of power.

We knew about Bill’s sordid behavior long before he was elected president. More evidence comes out daily about his wife Hillary and what she’s done for money and power.

Recently a former friend of Bill Clinton, Dolly Kyle, has come out to discuss her relationship with the Clinton’s.

She spoke with Fox News host Seam Hannity about the real Bill and Hillary. Just what sort of people are they? Not the good kind.

From Western Journalism:

“Watch the imperious way Hillary treats anyone beneath her, especially young black women,” she told Hannity.

When Hannity asked if she was accusing Clinton of racism, she acknowledged she was and even went further to call Bill Clinton a racist.

“I am absolutely suggesting she’s racist,” she said. “And I talk in the book about the racial discrimination lawsuits that were filed against Billy when he was governor that were filed by blacks and by Hispanics. Did you know that at one point, he told the Arkansas state police to stop and search every car driven by a Hispanic in the state of Arkansas? And they sued him, took him to federal court, he got reprimanded by a federal judge, and he got so mad about that, he told the state troopers they could stop and search any car they wanted to search.”

Kyle has recently written a book entitled Hillary: The Other Woman in which she details many of the scandals connected with the Clinton’s.

We’ve known Hillary’s cruel attitude toward anyone she deems beneath her. She’s had a terrible reputation since she stepped foot in Washington. Do you think she’ll behave any better as the president?

Or will she get much, much worse?

Source: Western Journalism

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