WHOA: Rush Limbaugh Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL…Liberals Are PANICKING Over This!

Conservative Americans have been trying to get a message into the heads of the Republican leadership… for years!

What is that message?

It is that we grass roots Americans are sick and tired of the liberal Democrats defining the issues by their terms and we want the Republican leadership to step up and tell the Democrats to… TAKE A HIKE!

We don’t want to reach across the aisle, in a spirit of cooperation and compromise, because that is how liberals defeat us and still get what they want.

But don’t take our word for it.  Rush Limbaugh laid it out better than we ever could, expressed our attitudes very well on the real meaning of Trump’s victory.

From Breitbart:

 Limbaugh told his listeners Republicans should not interpret the outcome as a message that they should reach across the aisle and work with Democrats. He urged them not to do that, saying it was a message that “big government liberalism” was rebuked by the American voters.

Limbaugh went on to educate us about what the Democrats’ intentions are:

“Folks, they don’t give up,” he said. “Their purpose for living is to beat us. We are their number one enemy. And even when they lose, that remains their objective. I’ve watched them. I’ve studied them. I know who they are. I know what’s going to happen. What needs to happen on our side is what needs to be different. We need to stop kowtowing to it. We need to look them in face, laugh and say, ‘You know, the corner of the room is over there. You guys lost. Learn it. Love it. Live it. And leave us alone. We’re in the process of fixing the mess you made.’”

“We don’t ever say that,” he continued. “We talk about crossing the aisle. We talk about considering opposing views because we’re of the opinion the American people don’t like us because media have told Republicans the people don’t like them and the Republicans have believed it. Republicans cannot believe what happened. Never Trumpers cannot believe what happened because they’ve all believed all this propaganda – all these years the American people hate them. If the American people do not like the Republicans, it’s not for the reasons the Republican think. It’s for the simple reason the Republicans have not followed through in opposing this stuff.”

“Look, I hate to be redundant here, folks,” Limbaugh added. “You couldn’t have a more clearly defined reason for the Democrats losing yesterday and the Republicans winning than what we got. And God bless everybody involved for making it happen. It couldn’t be more crystal clear. There’s nothing ambiguous about this at all. Big government liberalism, whether people know it or not, was told to go to hell. Big government liberalism is Obama. It was rejected.”

And we agree with you, Rush. It’s all true and we couldn’t have said it any better ourselves!

Source: Breitbart

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